WSE Collection Development Plan

Water Spring Elementary School serves 1,057 students enrolled in Kindergarten through fifth
grades. The student population’s ethnicity is made up of 46% Hispanic and 54% Non-Hispanic students. Additionally, we serve a diverse population made up of 80% White, 6% Black, 0% Native, 6% Asian, 0% Pacific, and 7% Multicultural students.

The administration includes Principal Matthew Hendricks and Assistant Principals Antonisha Ellington and Aundrea Keysor. Water Spring Elementary School is proud to offer the many special programs which provide students with opportunities that will help meet the challenges of a global society.

A thorough analysis of the current media center collection at Water Spring Elementary School indicates that the average age of the collection is 2014 and the number of books per student is 7.The American Association for School Libraries has established a criteria for a highly effective media center that includes a ratio of 15-20 books available per student in the collection. At this time, Water Spring Elementary School does not meet the recommended standards for the number of books per student.

The analysis of the collection also revealed a few areas of concern. The following document breaks down these areas. 

Water Spring Elementary School Collection Development Plan